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Mental illness left untreated can result in the progression of the illness and major disruptions in your daily functioning.  LPC Services can help teach strategies to manage your symptoms and reduce the negative impact caused by the disorder.  Help is a phone call away. 

From peer pressures, educational demands, & social media,  adolescences are faced with a variety of complex issues that complicate their ability to manage their emotional and/or behavioral health.  LPC Services can help  provide a trusting environment where they can express thoughts, share feelings, and resolve problems.   Contact us today.

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LPC Services offers Individual and Outpatient treatment services for Chemical Use Disorders and Problem Gambling.  Addiction Disorders are progressive and can devastate the entire family.  Begin your healing by calling today.  


LPC  Services is a family therapy resource to help you discover practical solutions to the various problems marriage and families face in today's society.  Contact us today.




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